Jennifer Farina

Jennifer started the company while planning her own wedding in 1994. She handles all of the client meetings, pre-edits and detail planning, album design, ordering and customer service. She is also out in the field shooting photo and video on every job that we book and assists in the editing room.

A social worker by trade, Jens’ love for photography emerged back in high school. Jen would photograph school events as a hobby. Over time she developed the many skills necessary to run a successful photography and videography business. “To succeed in our business you must have a love for people, know your camera, and constantly explore new creative techniques. You have to possess great organizational skills, and you have to want to be the best. Our industry is constantly evolving, new technology and editing styles must be woven into the fabric of the business. Facing those challenges is very rewarding and enjoyable”. Jen knows this is what she was meant to do.


Christopher Farina

Chris joined the company part time in 1996. He eventually left his full time engineering position and “officially” joined Jennifer in September 2001. Chris is out in the field shooting video and photography on every job that we book. Chris is an expert in Photoshop and design. He is the senior editor creatively weaving the moments of your wedding into a timeless heirloom your family will treasure for years.

Chris was employed at Bayer Pharmaceutical from 1991-2001 first in security and then in engineering. Everyone thought he was crazy to leave a great career to be a “wedding videographer”. After shooting and editing his first wedding he knew it was what he wanted to do. The satisfaction of delivering a family memento that would be cherished for years really struck a chord. Chris has been perfecting his craft ever since. He has an incredible work ethic and is determined to be the best in his field. Chris is also certified to teach in the State of Connecticut holding a Masters degree in Education.


Russell Corriveau

Russell is a Photographic artist. He has been a wedding photographer for over 25 years. He started many years ago working for his dad who was a wedding photographer. His technical knowledge and attention to detail make him an asset to our company. Russell owned his own studio for many years. His work ethic is unmatched, and he is  a key member of the Video Images team.

More About Us

Our Other Interests

Our Children. We are very fortunate to have five great kids. Gabrielle 20, Jeremy 18, Peyton 16,  Juliana 14, and Aiden 3. This is our other career. Five children is a lot of work but so rewarding. We mold our children everyday into the people they will become. Will they be wedding videographers, I don’t know. What I do know is that they see first hand how much hard work and discipline is involved in running a business. We tell them everyday..”you can be anything you want to be” and like my grandfather told me years ago, “You get out of life what you put into it”. My wish for them is ambition, drive, passion, confidence and a true love for whatever it is they choose to pursue in their lives.

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Family Time. There are many things we enjoy with our children. First, we are huge baseball fans. The boys are die hard Red Sox fans. The girls decided to be Yankee fans just to rock the boat. It certainly makes Red Sox/Yankee games a ton of fun! The funny thing is, Chris is a Mets fan so I’m not sure how all this happened! We own a 18′ Maxum boat and we enjoy the Connecticut river every summer. Our dream is to one day own a home on the river.



Athletic Sponsorship. Anyone who knows us can tell you that in the spring and fall, when we are not shooting a wedding we are certain to be on the baseball field. We enjoy coaching and sponsoring our children’s teams. Go Video Images!